Office of the Assessor

Assessing Information

Debra Krysinski
810 664-5971 Ext. 210

Inquires received via voicemail and/or email will be responded to as soon as possible, not to exceed seven (7) business days.

Oregon Township Assessing and Tax Information is available online by opening the following link Access My Gov. Residents can view their own information for free. Request for assessing information can be obtained at Oregon Township Hall during regular office hours.

Oregon Township is all well and Septic, there are on going Police and Fire Special Assessments on the winter tax bill.  We currently do not have any Special Assessments that can be paid off.

Assessors office hours
Monday 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Or By appointment

Assessing Office Policy & Procedures

2023 Analysis and studies

Downloadable Forms

The following documents must be completed for consideration of a Poverty Exemption

Homeowner’s Principal Resident Exemption Affidavit
Request to Rescind Homeowner’s Principal Resident Exemption
Conditional Rescission Form
Disabled Veterans Exemption
Property Combination Application
Property Split Application

Important Websites for Tax Information

Michigan Property Tax Explanation and Taxpayer’s Guide
Michigan Tax Tribunal

Notice of Assessment

If you would like to discuss your Notice of Assessment with the Assessor, please call or email Debbie at her above information. If you choose to appeal your assessment, appointments are required to appear before the Board of Review. Contact the Township at (810) 664-5971 Ext. “0” to schedule an appointment. The Board of Review will meet the 2nd Monday of March and the following Thursday. Please refer to your notice of Assessment for exact times.

Important Dates

Homeowner’s Principal Resident Exemption Affidavit By June 1 if School taxes are collected on the Summer bill or November 1 if collected on Winter bill
Notice of Assessment will be sent out in February
Board of Review meets in March, July and December